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The Secrets to Creating Awesome Mailer Boxes: Customization and Styling

With the advent of technology, people are now used to receiving their products online. The trend is not stopping anytime soon either because it saves time and money. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of e-commerce websites that have sprung up over the years. With this development, shipping boxes are also evolving–from being plain brown paper envelopes to polystyrene containers with custom printing on them.

This blog post will discuss how you can create awesome custom mailer boxes for your business by utilizing customization techniques and designing styles.

What are Mailer Boxes? 

Mailer boxes are shipping containers used to deliver products. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on their contents, weight, and the quantity you need them for.

Why Mailer Boxes?

The use of mailers has been preferred because they help save time and money during transportation. Moreover, it can prevent your product from damage or loss as well as ensure that your customers receive their items without delay–a key aspect for business success.

As a result, there is an increased demand by e-commerce entrepreneurs to create custom printings such as logos and other promotional messages like discounts or sales offers directly onto these mailing boxes before dispatching them all over the world, thereby increasing brand awareness among potential customers consumers worldwide. 

Creative Ways to Design Mailer Boxes 

We have compiled a couple of ways to creatively design mailer boxes. Take a look below: 

Creative Ways to Design Mailer Boxes 

We have compiled a couple of ways to creatively design mailer boxes. Take a look below: 

Kraft Mailer Boxes 

Kraft is an eco-friendly packaging stock. The smooth surface of the box is ideal for printing. 
The Mailer Boxes can be used to send out products such as personal care items, food, and beverages, pharmaceuticals, or electronic gadgets–the most popular goods sent using these boxes. There are several reasons why entrepreneurs prefer kraft mailers: 
They provide an easy way to pack and ship products securely with a high level of protection from external damages during transit due to their sturdy nature;
Can be customized easily in various shapes and sizes according to business needs;
Offer different packing options like peanuts or bubble wrap cushioning depending upon product weight and fragility. 

Customized Add-Ons 

One way to exceptionally design the mailer boxes is by adding embellishments. These embellishments could be anything from your business logo, attractive color, or graphics. The main reason why entrepreneurs are using these boxes is because of the flexibility they offer to make them more presentable and eye-catching for customers.

Customization can also differentiate your business from competitors by creating an innovative design that speaks about uniqueness and creativity. The bottom line is customization enhances brand awareness, increases customer loyalty, and makes it easier for businesses to stand out in their own way! Once you’ve got a good understanding of what mailer boxes are all about, there’s only one thing left–to determine which type suits your needs best so you, too, can start sending items around with ease. 

Personalized Stickers 

Stickers are a great way to enhance your brand awareness. You can have a catchy phrase or an engaging picture that speaks about the quality and uniqueness of your products. There’s plenty of sticker types you could choose from, such as simple one-color stickers, letterpress, or clear decals. You can also opt for custom-made stickers with your logo engraved on them.

Small Customized Gifts 

You don’t always need to send physical items; sometimes, people appreciate thoughtful gifts more than anything else. This is why small customized goodies like personalized pens and keychains are perfect giveaways that shouldn’t cost much yet speak volumes about what kind of business you’re running. These little things form great first impressions, which help grow customer loyalty over time.

Go Minimalistic with Your Design 

When you’re designing your mailer box, there’s no need to go all out. If anything, the simpler and cleaner looking it is, the better. The last thing you want on a sticker or decal is some over-the-top embellishment which only makes people take one look before they throw it away. 

Keep Your Company Logo in Mind When Designing 

While customization plays an important role in developing brand awareness, keep your company logo always front of mind when creating stickers for mailers. This way, customers will associate with your business instead of getting confused about who sent them that cute little keychain. It also helps if every printed material used by your employees prominently features this symbol so everyone can easily recognize your brand. 

Use White Kraft Boxes 

Kraft boxes are the most popular type of mailer box for a good reason. They’re inexpensive and very durable, making them great as a shipping container. The cheapest ones you can find don’t even need to be glued together; they come in pre-assembled flat panels that interlock like puzzle pieces, making it easy to store and stack more than one on top of each other without worrying about everything collapsing down or breaking apart.

Inside Printing of Boxes 

The printing inside the boxes puts a great impression on your customers’ minds. You can use full-color printing if you have a decent budget. You can print your logo and contact information inside the box or try to make it more fun by adding some special offers, coupons, and ‘thankyou’ messages like: 

“Thank you for buying our product!”

Or “We hope we’ll see you again soon.”. And, of course, include shipping details! This will be very helpful as many customers order online these days. Make sure that everything is easy to read and quick to take notice of. Remember that people buy from those they know, like, trust, and feel at ease with, not because they’re looking for bargains only (however, let’s face it – everyone loves getting something extra). 

The Final Word 

Mailer boxes are a great way to get your brand out there. They’re effective at attracting attention and getting people intrigued by what you have to offer, but they can be tricky if not designed correctly. To make sure that you create the best mailer box possible, incorporate these design tips into your strategy for creating awesome mailers, and you should reach out to custom packaging companies to have the perfect packaging solutions.